26th/27th January 2017


So, on timages (1).jpghe night of 26th/27th January, I was lying awake again, getting annoyed at my inability to sleep
after many sleepless nights. Here is my first post, my first midnight journal.

I’m frustrated that I can’t sleep tonight. It seems to be more of the frustration keeping me awake and winding me up.

I’ve been tired all day, get into bed and I’m wide awake. This keeps happening. Every. Single. Night. And I can’t cope with it! It’s driving me insane.

I keep thinking about what to say to my doctor on Monday. I’m going to be asking or demanding more help. It’s been 4 years of having 12 counselling sessions, returning to the doctor and then getting referred again. I need long-term help for complex issues and I’m quite worried about what to say to her and what she’ll do with what I tell her. Will she listen to me?


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